Strategic IP Management Services

Strategic IP Management Services

ProspectIP Advisory offers a range of strategic intellectual property management services to help organisations understand, protect and commercialise their valuable IP assets.

IP Audits and Evaluation from ProspectIP

IP Audit & Evaluation

Intellectual property (IP) assets such as patents, trade marks, design rights, copyright and know-how, are important to achieving competitive edge and financial growth.

An IP audit allows you to:

  • Fully understand what you own and its relationship to your organisation and industry
  • Understand third-party IP dependencies and their implications
  • Avoid loss of IP Rights and increase the value of your existing IP
  • Identify ways to align your overall IP strategy for your organisation
  • Identify critical process or skills shortages
  • Identify potential commercial opportunities and tax savings from your IP
  • Support due diligence efforts for mergers and acquisitions or IP-backed financing

Evaluating your IP assets, both formal and informal, enables you to understand:

  • The appropriate methods of protection available
  • Possible commercial potential
  • How dependent services/products are on the IP assets
  • The extent to which they support or underpin key revenue-generating products and services

IP Protection to help you protect your IPR ProspectIP

IP Protection

Organisations have both formal and informal IP assets.

Following identification and evaluation of these IP assets, ProspectIP Advisory can help you to protect them, using the appropriate procedures and structures.

IP Risk Management

Risk management is essential for both good governance and sensible strategic planning. IP risk management addresses the risk from an intellectual property (IP) perspective, with the aim of reducing the likelihood of leakage of an organisation’s IP assets into the public domain, and inadvertent infringements of third party IP.

ProspectIP Advisory works with businesses to employ risk mitigation strategies from employees, third parties infringing your IP, and your organisation inadvertently infringing a third party’s IP.

IP management ProspectIP

IP Management

IP management covers the practices and processes used to manage IP assets. At ProspectIP Advisory we work with organisations to develop the appropriate IP management structures for their needs covering IP ownership and employees, IP protection process, IP risk management, trade secret policy management, brand and trade mark management.

IP valuation and finance prospectip

IP Valuation & Finance

An IP valuation is an estimate of what your IP is worth and is highly important when you are seeking a licensing opportunity, are part of a merger, or are looking for funding. IP assets can transform the funding options available to businesses, particularly as finance providers increasingly recognise the ability to take security over these valuable assets under different corporate structures.

IP finance uses IP assets as security in an investment or lending scenario and can be used to raise finance, increase a company’s balance sheet and restructure debt.

You will need an IP valuation when:

  • You are looking to licence or sell your IP
  • You are entering into a joint venture
  • You are seeking funding from investors or banks
  • You are seeking IP-based tax relief

IP monetisation and commercialisation ProspectIP

IP Monetisation & Commercialisation

IP commercialisation involves different business models and structures to exploit IP assets and generate new revenue streams.

IP commercialisation structures include licensing, assignment, divestment or joint venture. ProspectIP Advisory works with organisations to help them to monetise their intellectual assets in the most effective manner.

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